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The Bigger Picture Of Suffering

Next Sunday (12/29/19) I get the opportunity to preach at my church. I am glad that God gives me these opportunities to preach more frequently than usual, it is my calling in this life. I will be preaching out of Job chapter 1, the title will be 'The Bigger Picture of Suffering". We often think that the pain we go through is meaningless, but for us, as children of God, there is so much meaning to the pain we go through. God takes the good and the bad and molds it into something beautiful.

I will be making four conclusions from Job. 1) The suffering in our lives makes us more like Christ. 2) God allows suffering in our lives. 3) Even though God allows suffering in our lives he is sovereign in our suffering (He is in complete control). 4) God is glorified in our suffering; God uses the suffering in the lives of believers to reach into the lives of others and give them hope. These are the things in my life that have made me look at the bigger picture and keep pressing on, even when it hurts and makes no sense to keep going.

Suffering is not an easy part of life, but it's not the end and it can change us for the better if we let God work through it. In this sermon, I will share parts of my story where it was seemingly complete chaos. Yet even though it was seemingly complete chaos, God's hands were all over it. I look forward to giving this sermon, and I know God will use it to encourage someone. When the recording is up I will share it on the site. We can find meaning in the pain, and it can drive us to endure many things; even when it seems all hope is lost.