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My name is Jeremy Mulvaney. I grew up in a small town, attending a small church as a preachers kid. Overall my childhood was more blessed than cursed. I've always had a wonderful support group, my family and friends. However, as I grew up, I encountered two manic episodes and a diagnosis of bipolar that has completely reshaped my life and changed the direction of the path I was on.


These days I'm learning to see my bipolar as less of a curse and more of a blessing. Not every day, there are still some tough days. However, when I look at the whole picture, I find purpose and hope. It has taken me from being self-righteous to a lot more humble and aware of others.  I went from judging others to loving others and seeing that all of us are in the same boat. We all need Jesus, who brings us into a relationship with God by grace through faith. Through this recovery, I am learning to let go of my feelings and trust that God has me in his hands, in spite of the way things seem. 


 Because of my relationship with God, I never walk alone. I've learned to lean on God and give him my burdens.  Though I still endure the trials that come with bipolar, I strive to use the things I  have been through, with the tools God has given me, to reach out to others and help them find hope in Christ. I know that I have a lot to learn, all I am doing is echoing what God is doing in my life, while I'm learning to let Jesus live through me. In other words, it's a journey in which I will fall and fail. Though I fall and fail, I've learned it's not God that fails me, and he still loves me. 


Life is full of burdens; I can't escape them all. And who knows what positive role they might play in my story. What Satan means for evil, God often takes and uses for good. My goal is to become content in God, growing satisfied in what he has to offer until what burdens me no longer takes from me. This world is not my home, and I don't have to wait until Heaven to be home either. I'm finding more and more every day; God is home. In him, and him alone, I am complete. Anything that distracts, detours and discourages me from him, which is bound to happen in life, makes me homesick.


~ God bless